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A place were visions become reality: OBJECT CAMPUS

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OBJECT CAMPUS - a hive of creativity and knowledge transfer.

The building complies with all requirements on progressive energy-independent architecture. It is equipped with a sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling system. This is achieved by geothermal energy, photovoltaics, thermo-active building components and mechanic ventilation. In full accordance with KfW Efficiency House Standard 55.

OBJECT CAMPUS is a new milestone in the corporate history of OBJECT CARPET. What were the basic ideas of this project?​

Butz: Everyone is talking about "New Work" and "work-life balance". We want to create conditions for successful implementation of these concepts. Work and private life are interweaving with each other more and more. My wish is that you can feel at work as at home: you feel as comfortable as in the circle of your friends – maintaining collegiality, mutuality and communality. OBJECT CAMPUS should be an inspiring place with a campus atmosphere – a welcoming place with (working) spirit that creates identity and a positive influence on the society.

Hirth: My concern – put in a nutshell: to create a building of a timeless and attractive design – referring to the beautiful landscape of the Swabian Alb. A place that promotes the communicative processes, not only at work, but also during breaks and leisure time.

Butz: My intention was to create a positive and beautiful office area where everybody feels well. Communication and collaboration are the focus of designing of offices adaptable to individual requirements. Ways of working and use of office rooms are continuously changing. We are fully award of this fact and well prepared for this. Concerning the sustainable technical infrastructure: of course, there are parking spaces for bicycles, cars and recharging stations for electro-mobility available.

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"Healthy" and sustainable working: is this the guiding idea you have developed yourself as a businessman, or is this your team’s wish? And what is the significance of carpet floorings in this case?

Butz: In fact: sustainability and health are the topics integrated in the company ‘DNA’ of OBJECT CARPET – in our work, in our thinking and action – and in our durable products. There is hardly another product which can contribute so much to noise reduction, the binding of dust and a healthy room climate the way our carpets do. Moreover, in winter we moisten the room air. "Healthy" and sustainable work: the whole team is looking forward to put this guiding idea fully into practice.

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How is it possible to design flexibility and structure?

Hirth: The whole structure and infrastructure of the first building is based on a two-person workplace as the smallest grid unit. This structure is also visible in the facade design. The electric energy supply system is integrated in the floor. So you can access it everywhere. Heating and ventilation run via thermo-active ceilings. The entire structure of an open-space office can be designed according to individual requirements.

Butz: It was important to us to hold to the concept of an open-space office, in order to simply maintain the interpersonal contact. For communication and interaction, also small areas are required for discussions and meetings – active and quiet zones, chosen depending on the mood. For skyping or co-working, you need extra rooms. For concentrated individual works, closed areas are required. Informal meeting points provide for spontaneous and creative exchange of thoughts and ideas. There also should be a restaurant – as a meeting place for the casual retreat and exchange of thoughts – with an outdoor terrace where you also can work. And, of course, fitness and sanitary facilities may also not be missing, so that everyone can do exercises, or to go to work by bicycle. There is a time-out room for yoga to create internal space and freedom

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What are your visions for the other campus buildings?

OBJECT CARPET sees itself as a "learning company" and relies on knowledge transfer. Digitalization and globalization demand an interdisciplinary exchange, as well as ability to think outside the box. We are looking for like-minded people who would like to develop "New Work by OBJECT CARPET" together with us. No matter what business area or industry they come from – research, teaching, start-ups, or companies feeling the wind of change – their pulse beat should be in unison with ours.