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Installation & Care

Correct fitting of OBJECT CARPET textile floorings

The textile floorings from OBJECT CARPET meet the highest quality standards. To ensure their quality and promised useful properties, various requirements for their installation and fitting should be taken into account, depending on their production and use. These requirements are listed in the respective Carpet Fitting Guides included with your delivery or available as direct downloads in the section Technical Documents


Special base surfaces

All carpet floorings from OBJECT CARPET have also been designed for application on special base surfaces. Click Technical Solutions, to learn about special solutions from OBJECT CARPET. Do you have unusual requirements? The OBJECT CARPET Team is always glad to help you to find the right solution. Please contact OBJECT CARPET.

Special requirements for laying carpets with BlackThermo@Felt Acoustic Plus backing

Carpets provided with the BlackThermo®Felt Acoustic Plus secondary backing feature certain acoustic properties. To ensure the full effect of these declared properties, it is mandatory to adhere to the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer Particular attention should be paid to edge cutting,in order to guarantee proper and clean seams. Please refer to the detailed directions for laying the carpets provided with BlackThermo®Felt Acoustic Plus contained in the respective fitting guide. This guide is included with your delivery, or you can download it online directly. For carpet tiles provided with the BlackThermo@Felt Acoustic Plus secondary backing, please see the general fitting guide for your product.

Direction of carpet laying and cutting

If you lay several carpet webs in the same room, lay them side-by-side in order of the roll numbers, to avoid colour deviations. It is important to ensure the carpet is laid so that the direction of pattern and pile is the same across the entire room. Generally, carpet webs are to be laid towards the wall with the most windows. The factory-made edges should be trimmed one by one and the trimmed edges should be butted against each other. When the web is cut longitudinally, make sure that the outer factory-made edges are butted against each another, to avoid colour differences. Each kind of carpet may show certain peculiarities when being laid. Therefore, please note the fitting guide for your respective product. This guide is included with your delivery, or you can download it online directly.

Videos of installation instructions

There are videos showing how to install the products from OBJECT CARPET step by step. Watch the videos on the YouTube channel of OBJET CARPET.

Learn how to install textile floorings

Correct cleaning of OBJECT CARPET textile floorings

Regular dust removal is, without doubt, the most important part of an optimal carpet care programme. The best results can be achieved with an upright vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and brush. Depending on the stresses and loads, the carpet should be vacuumed daily or at least every second day.

To ensure you enjoy your carpet for many years, OBJECT CARPET recommends you observe the product-specific directions for cleaning and care. This guide is included with your delivery, or you can download it directly online in the section Technical Documents.


Stain removal

If stains are immediately treated with suitable detergents they can usually be completely removed without problems. Small and slight spots and stains can usually be removed with lukewarm water and an absorbent cloth made of white cotton. In the product-specific cleaning and care instructions, we have stated the detergents specially recommended for your carpet.