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FOREVER YOUNG - 50 years of passion and inspiration

Exactly 50 years ago, we founded our premium carpet brand OBJECT CARPET. Although we can look back on many years spent developing our expertise in the carpet market, we have always remained young: our motto, FOREVER YOUNG, is emblematic of our ability to stay on the move and always provide contemporary and sustainable solutions and designs. We firmly believe the best is yet to come!


Our success story, which already spans half a century, is the result of our innovative ideas, as well as our entrepreneurial flair, clever networking and our clearly communicated corporate values. In September, we celebrated our 50th anniversary with our long-time partners, customers, employees and friends at the Gläserne Manufaktur in Krefeld, which, as the heart of our production, opened its doors to welcome guests during this event. We would like to thank all our guests for the successful celebration!

In 1972, when the textile engineer Roland Butz founded OBJECT CARPET, he focused his business on supplying a niche that had previously been underserved: the production of carpeting for public interiors that could meet the evolving requirements of hotels and offices, while at the same time making innovate use of colour designs. In doing so, he designed carpets that combine suitability for everyday use with visual appeal, effectively setting the stage for his novel products using artistic product photography.

Only those who change stay alive

An achievement that makes us incredibly proud: FOREVER YOUNG! With this illustrated book we present the history of OBJECT CARPET's photo art over the last 50 years.

Our carpets have already served as a stage for some famous individuals - in our volume you will find great shots taken by photographers Helmut Newton, Michel Comte and Jean-Baptise Mondino, among others, of artists and celebrities such as Wolfgang Joop, Claudia Schiffer, Henry Mask, Barry White, Julian Schnabel, the Scorpions and Calvin Klein. Pure excitement! For many years, OBJECT CARPET has collaborated with the photographer Michel Comte. In the 1980's Comte enlisted celebrities to showcase our carpeting.



At OBJECT CARPET, the intense dialogue between architects and designers has always been close to our hearts. That is why we were especially pleased to welcome well-known kindred spirits to the FOREVER YOUNG stage so that we can all embark together on a journey through the last 50 years of the history of architecture. For this project, a cast of experts and enthusiasts offered up intriguing personal and professional insights into the decade that they had each selected, including: Kristina Bacht - GKT, Peter Ippolito - Ippolito Fleitz Group, Ludwig Kindelbacher - Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten-Innenarchitekten, Daniel Butz - OBJECT CARPET, Sebastian Thaut -Atelier ST, Mike Herud - SCOPE Architekten and, last but not least, Benjamin Reding.

Now we look forward with curiosity to what is yet to come - to the next 50 years of OBJECT CARPET!