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A homage to nature and the senses


What was your goal and inspiration when you approached the design of MEDITERRANEO?

Matteo Thun: For our architecture and interior projects, we always need a timeless floor covering that we can transfer from the inside to the outside to bring nature into the home. We consciously waited for the right preconditions for us to develop a waste-free and entirely recyclable carpet collection that can also be used outdoors.

Antonio Rodriguez: We wanted to reinterpret the ancient tradition of Mediterranean weaving while taking a more environmentally friendly direction. This tradition, which started with the ancient Egyptians and can still be found everywhere along the Mediterranean coasts today, consists of natural fibers that we replaced with fibers that come mostly from industrial waste and plastic trash from the Mediterranean ocean.

Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

"The unwavering search for innovation, simplicity and functionality is our driving force. We seek to create timeless, iconic design. With MEDITERRANEO, we have created a beautifully structured and environmentally friendly product."

Many people initially associate good design with sophisticated aesthetics. What is your stance on this?

Mattheo Thun: With the principle of Zero Design, we aspire to create a timeless style for durable products. We care about the ecology and economy, not the ego! MEDITERRANEO unburdens nature by enabling countless lifecycles.

Antonio Rodriguez: We were inspired by the desire to find haptics, materiality and differentiated color shades that had never previously been implemented in recycled carpets. Made of plastic waste and completely recyclable, MEDITERRANEO stands simultaneously for lightness and effortlessness. It conveys a Mediterranean heritage look – hence the name.


What is your favorite product in the collection and why?

Antonio Rodriguez: It always depends on the place in which the carpets will be used. Near the ocean, in the countryside, in a city? In a room, at the pool or on a patio? The round shape makes the ‘natural borders’ seem particularly open, light and very elemental. We worked on the proportions and natural color scheme for a long time to get the optimal result.

Which of your current projects is the most fitting for MEDITERRANEO?

Antonio Rodriguez: The collection is suitable for many of our ongoing projects, whether hotel interiors, offices or private buildings. For the Italian yacht manufacturer Azimut, we are currently designing three boat models – here a carpet must fulfill all criteria: it must be highly resilient and be easy to clean. It must look as natural as possible and be sustainable, quick-drying and UV-resistant. And, a top priority – it must also feel good under bare feet.


What does sustainability mean to you?

Matteo Thun: Unfortunately, the term is very timeworn by now. We prefer to talk about durability, timelessness and the endless lifecycle of our products.



How does MEDITERRANEO combine form and function? How does this fit in with the needs of our time?

Antonio Rodriguez: MEDITERRANEO is timeless not just in its design. The carpet is made of recycled material, is very durable and can be recycled again and again. The collection can also be used very flexibly. It includes four styles in three different natural color shades, various shapes and sizes, and options for special requests. All shapes and colors can be freely combined with each other.