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From Antwerp via Marrakech to Tokyo and back again


With FREESTILE, OBJECT CARPET and Kathrin Patel have dared to make a new step in the area of design. For more than 15 years, the designer has been amazing others with her experimental carpet design. In this way, exciting visionary collections have resulted in collaboration with OBJECT CARPET. For example, the edition Silhouette, which gives a silhouette appearance on the floor with material omissions. Or Pure Silk and Pure Wool: pure luxury with understatement for the room. The newest collection FREESTILE is completely unconventional.

Kathrin, you often rethink carpets and are also happy to break with conventions sometimes. That suits OBJECT CARPET and our philosophy. What makes FREESTILE so unique?​
The special thing is the free play with patterns or ornaments. Large-scale designs are cut into 50 x 50 cm tiles. The highlight: Instead of laying the tiles in a pattern, resulting in an even, predictable floor design, the tiles can be laid completely freely. The result is a kaleidoscopic design that is constantly redefined during laying – no floor is the same as another.

In effect, however you put the tiles together results in new and surprisingly coherent floor images. Is it calculated or accidental?​
Sometimes calculation counts for me, sometimes feeling and random chance. Thanks to the innovative digital printing process on the newly developed web structure, there are additional unexpected effects. A multidimensional experience that gives the floor surfaces a fascinating depth and makes each room and floor into a unique object.


FREESTILE: 16 different designs with character, each with four colour schemes. Who and what inspired you?
Ideas for my designs come from historical cultural cities and their ornamental, architectonic languages. From Antwerp to Marrakesh to Tokyo and back – my creative input was limitless. And also my joy in trying new things, in a work in progress.


Not meeting previous expectations requires a lot of courage – not only from the designer. Where do you get this courage from?
The long term trusting cooperation with OBJECT CARPET has resulted in creative free space in which I can bring my dreams of floor design to reality. The collective enthusiasm for the product is the best foundation for developing and implementing outstanding ideas.

The same design language, trust and fun: What still connects you to OBJECT CARPET?
The highest demands for aesthetics and quality. Yes, and of course passion.

A passion that you can see and feel. Allow me to ask another personal question to finish: Kathrin, how would you describe yourself in three characteristics?
Intuitive, enthusiastic, willing to experiment.


Job: Dipl. Designerin
Place of residence: Bremen
Alter: 54
Relaxes best: midday in the gourmet canteen in the coffee quarter in the Überseestadt Bremen and evenings at yoga at the Werdersee