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New key technology revolutionizes the entire product range

The development of our DUO carpets has paved the way for the realization of our company's circular vision. OBJECT CARPET has been dealing with the problems of industrial waste avoidance and resource conservation for a long time. In doing so, we dare to ask the questions that are decisive for us: What would a world be like in which all raw materials are reused? With materials whose value lasts for generations and which can be used again and again?

After more than 10 years of development, we laid the foundation for our recyclable sustainability strategy in 2022 with the mono-material carpet NEOO made of 100% polyester and are now consistently pursuing this path with DUO technology.  By 2026, OBJECT CARPET will gradually convert the entire range to the innovative DUO technology, which allows full design freedom with just two base materials - polyamide and polyester. 




“The question we asked ourselves during the design phase was: How can we fully convert all of the products in our range to a recycling economy utilizing minimal materials and without any fillers? How can we continue to offer our customers the popular designs and textures of our range but make them circular? We solved this by keeping the polyamide pile and combining it with 100 % polyester adhesive and backing, analogously to our innovative NEOO mono carpet,” says Daniel Butz, owner and managing director of OBJECT CARPET.



After a long period of development work on the new coating, the popular MADRA, SILKY SEAL and SMOOZY qualities have already been converted to DUO technology. A diverse, new generation of carpets that not only impresses with its strong appearance, but is also healthy for people and nature.

New standards in the carpet industry thanks to CLICK/UNCLICK technology

Thanks to the intelligent use of material properties, the DUO carpet product family now enables maximum design freedom with minimal use of resources: high-quality polyamide and polyester, bonded by an innovative HOTMELT adhesive made of 100% polyester, are the only components of this carpet innovation. After use, the two components can be easily separated from each other by applying heat and returned to the recycling loop. Thanks to innovative CLICK/UNCLICK technology, the two components can be separated completely. This lays the foundation for a circular product cycle: Designed for an endless life, DUO sets new standards in the carpet industry.

Outstanding eco-balance in every respect

Every single step in the production of DUO carpets is optimized for optimum use of resources: the entire coating process is carried out without the use of water or gas, which means energy savings of up to 95% compared to conventional production methods. This makes recycling up to five times more energy-efficient than the production of new polyester. A real technological quantum leap that takes the circular cycle to a new level.


As the vision of a more sustainable future does not end at the production stage, OBJECT CARPET works with suppliers to ensure that all DUO carpets are fully returned to the original production cycle. To ensure this, the website is printed on the carpet backing. At the end of its useful life, it can be checked where the carpet should be delivered to be transferred to the recycling loop.

DUO under extreme conditions: Red carpet glamor with a green claim


However, a lot of time has to pass before a DUO carpet reaches the end of its service life, or it must be subjected to enormous foot traffic – because these carpets are extremely durable, just like the manufacturer’s other premium floor coverings. DUO has already proved its heavy-duty resilience and longevity under extreme conditions on a great stage: as the red carpet at the Berlinale, Germany’s largest film festival, it supported the grandiose appearance of 80,000 people in 11 days with temperature fluctuations of up to 25 degrees Celsius in February.

Sustainability in every fiber for a green future
Every single quality that is converted to OBJECT CARPET's circular technology not only makes the world a little more colorful, but also paves the way for a more sustainable future. Every step towards circularity is a step away from waste and towards responsible resource management. Currently, the popular qualities MADRA, SILKY SEAL and SMOOZY with their 85 colors have already been converted. Further products are in the pipeline.


"NEOO ushered in an era in which design and ecology go hand in hand. This is now being continued by DUO carpets - because high-quality rooms and a healthy planet are not a contradiction in terms,” explains Daniel Butz, who believes in change in the industry ”OBJECT CARPET is not just part of the industry, but is pursuing the vision of everyone pulling together for a greener future. The strength lies in collective commitment. For the environment and for future generations."