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Farewell to our founder and visionary

Roland Butz, founder of OBJECT CARPET


In memory of Roland Butz

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our esteemed founder and visionary, Roland Butz. He left us peacefully on 8 September 2023, but his legacy will live on in every thread, in every design of our carpets.

Roland Butz founded OBJECT CARPET in 1972 with a vision that went far beyond carpet manufacturing. He saw carpet as a work of art, an expression of design and innovation. Under his leadership, OC became a brand known worldwide for quality, innovation and outstanding design.

His passion for aesthetics and perfection was not only evident in our products, but also in the way he ran the company. Roland Butz was not only an entrepreneur, but also a visionary, mentor and friend.
At OBJECT CARPET, we are proud to carry on his legacy. Every carpet we make, every innovation we introduce and every customer we serve is a tribute to Roland Butz and his vision.

In these times of mourning, we remember the words of Roland Butz: "Quality is not just a product feature, but a commitment to our customers, our environment and ourselves." We will use these words to guide everything we do and ensure that Roland Butz's legacy lives on in every aspect of OBJECT CARPET.

We thank you for your loyalty and trust in OBJECT CARPET.

About Roland Butz

Roland Butz and his vision for OBJECT CARPET

Roland Butz, a textile engineer, founded OBJECT CARPET in 1972. His vision was to fill a gap in the market that had not been adequately served until then. He recognised early on the potential of carpet as an aesthetic and functional element in architecture, especially in interiors such as hotels and offices. Roland Butz acknowledged the importance of colour designs and brought innovation to the carpet industry.

A special feature of his vision was his artistic focus in product photography. He presented carpeting not only as a functional element but also as an art object, which anchored OBJECT CARPET in the world of architecture and design and firmly distinguished the brand from other suppliers.

Roland Butz was not only an entrepreneur, but also a visionary. He had a distinct feel for trends and the ability to constantly evolve to meet the changing demands of the market. His passion and commitment to quality and design have made OBJECT CARPET what it is today.

His journey with OBJECT CARPET is a testament to his dedication, determination and desire to always offer the best. It is clear that Roland Butz has not only founded a company, but also created a brand that stands for quality, innovation and design.